Dienstag, 16. September 2014


It's one year ago since SIN CITYs 2013  full length output "Th13teen" was released via german myskull.de Label (REZI HIER). Since there, lot of gigs, lot of stages, lot of new fans and a lot of
time, to hang  around backstage with a lot of other bands and beautiful people.
So, not completely out of nothing came the rockin' idea "Hey let's write a song and bring some different singers as guests on the SIN CITY RnR road map." "Rock the Nations" was born.

A typical SIN CITY styled rockin' forward song with international guests or better "Superheroes":
Pontus Snibb (Bonafide) SWE
Pasi Rantannen (Thunderstone) FIN
Olavi Tikka (The Milestones) FIN
Tim Dammann (Hardbone) GER
Sean Mulvihill (Bonfire) USA
Grant Foster (Barock) GB
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SIN CITY is proud to have those awesome persons on board, beside knowing them as great musicians and performers! All in all it worked hand in hand together, 'cause anybody knows how
it has to become a Rock n Roll Anthem!

Personally, Sin City and producer Daniel Keller made a step into the future with that song, cause it's also a "soundtest" for the upcoming album.
"Some Songs are in process, some are ready", the bands says.
So enjoy "Rock the Nations", Share it like hell, make it BIG, bring it
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Thx also to Sebastian Witty and Crew for the fantastic work on the


PS: Also available on Amazon and iTunes and in a few days! So this is
just for you - THE RnR maniacs!