Samstag, 20. Juli 2013


Die Melodic Metaller von EDEN’S CURSE haben mit dem serbischen Sänger NIKOLA MIJIC einen neuen Sänger gefunden.

NIKOLA: "I'm really honored to be part of the Metal journey of Eden's Curse with their new 
upcoming album that is coming out on 4TH OCTOBER and I'm looking forward to rock with you guys"

Das neue Album nennt sich SYMPHONY OF SIN.

Die übrigen Musiker zum neuen Sänger:

Drummer PETE NEWDECK: "For me, when I heard a lot of the auditions, Nik's was the one that stood out. It stood out mainly because of it's originality. His voice was strong, it was soulful and he had something different to offer. That's really why I championed him because I think he could offer something different, change the face of the band and possibly help this band move forward". 

Bassist PAUL LOGUE: "When Nik sent his audition of EVIL & DIVINE that's when we really began to sit up and take notice and say that this guy was something special. He is the complete package". 

Guitarist THORSTEN KOEHNE: "He's just an amazing talent, one of the most amazing singers I've seen in recent times. He's just so versatile in what he can do and he just fits the band perfect because with EDEN’S CURSE we're very diverse, as far as the music, so there's not just one particular style that we are doing. So we were really looking for a singer that could keep up with that and have a range in his vocals. NIKOLA is just perfect because he can do so many things, from blues to metal stuff and everything in between".

Ebenfalls neu an Bord ist Keyboarder STEVE WILLIAMS (POWERQUEST) der ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO ersetzt. Bassist  PAUL LOGUE dazu:
"Sadly we we part company with our brother Alessandro on a truly positive note as his career as a mixing engineer and a producer has really taken off, meaning less and less time could be devoted to the EDEN’S CURSE cause. We will miss him dearly as a friend and a musician and we wish him nothing but the utmost success. We firmly believe he has the talent to go right to the very top! He will always be considered a part of the EDEN’S CURSE family and is cursed for life"