Montag, 28. September 2015


Available debut album cover  from Beorn band 

Die Modern Power Metaller von BEORN haben erste Information, das Cover, die Trackliste und einen ersten Teaser zum ihrem Debütalbum "Time to Dare" veröffentlicht. Wann das gute Stück erscheint ist aktuell noch nicht bekannt.

1. From Here to Eternity
2. Riders of the Sky
3. Star Ocean
4. In Quest for planet Eden
5. The Chest of Deadman
6. Space Invaders
7. Galaxy in flames
8. Phantom Ship
9. Ray of Hope (Incubus ex Abyssus)
10. The Beast
11. Coming Home

Ein paar Worte direkt von der Band zum Album:
As You may have understood, the forthcoming album is about adventures of courageous, chainless and successful pirates. But not alone about sea legends and stories of seamen, as it may seem on the very first look, but the fantasies about sky-riders and space pirates as well.
The music on the album is many-sided. It has some drive and groove beside the slow and fast ones, ballads of course. Each of them is spices with memorable melodies, magnific orchestrations and atmospherical electronical arrangements. 

Anyway, you will hear it very soon. - BEORN on Facebook - Official WebSite of Beorn band